Cell culture media and supplements

Standard cell culture media and supplements

Biowest offers a wide range of cell culture media, as well as buffered salt solutions, antibiotics and cell culture supplements:

  • DMEM, Ham's F10, BME, RPMI, other cell media
  • Speciality media (LymphioGrow, AmnioGrow, MarrowGrow)
  • PBS, HBSS, other buffers
  • Trypsin
  • Stable L-glutamine
  • Pen/Strep, G418 and other antibiotics

The complete product portfolio is available in our webshop.

Every manufactured batch of medium is traceable and rigorously controlled: from production to treatment and finally, packaging on Biowest's premises.

Custom formulated media

Are you looking for a custom formulation or a special medium? Biowest is able to formulate any medium to exact specifications and high quality standards.

Contact us with your formulation of choice!

Selected cell culture media

L0102-500DMEM, high glucose, w L-Gln, w/o sodium pyruvateDatasheet
L0101-500DMEM, high glucose, w/o L-Gln, w/o sodium pyruvateDatasheet
L0500-500RPMI1640, w L-GlnDatasheet
L0475-500MEM alpha w L-GlnDatasheet
L0330-500Medium 199, w Hank's salts, w L-GlnDatasheet

Selected buffered salt solutions and reagents

L0615-500Dulbecco's PBS, w/o calcium, w/o magnesiumDatasheet
L0605-500Hank's Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS)Datasheet
L0909-100Trypsin 0.25% in PBS, w/o Mg++, Ca++, phenol redDatasheet
X0551-100Stable L gluatmine 100x, 200 mMDatasheet