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Cell culture media and supplements

Standard cell culture media and supplements

Biowest offers a wide range of cell culture media, as well as buffered salt solutions, antibiotics and cell culture supplements:

  • DMEM, Ham's F10, BME, RPMI, others
  • Speciality media (LymphioGrow, AmnioGrow, MarrowGrow)
  • PBS, HBSS, other buffers
  • Trypsin
  • Stable L-glutamine
  • Pen/Strep, G418 and other antibiotics

The complete product portfolio is available in our webshop.

Each manufactured batch of medium is traceable and rigorously controlled: starting with the production, treatment and the final packaging on Biowest's premises.

Custom formulated media

Are you looking for a custom formulation or a special medium? Biowest is able to formulate any medium to exact specifications and high quality standards. Contact us with your formulation of choice!

Selected cell culture media, buffered salt solutions and reagents

L0102-500DMEM, high glucose, w L-Gln, w/o sodium pyruvateDatasheet
L0101-500DMEM, high glucose, w/o L-Gln, w/o sodium pyruvateDatasheet
L0500-500RPMI1640, w L-GlnDatasheet
L0475-500MEM alpha w L-GlnDatasheet
L0330-500Medium 199, w Hank's salts, w L-GlnDatasheet

Selected buffered salt solutions and reagents

L0615-500Dulbecco's PBS, w/o calcium, w/o magnesiumDatasheet
L0605-500Hank's Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS)Datasheet
L0909-100Trypsin 0.25% in PBS, w/o Mg++, Ca++, phenol redDatasheet
X0551-100Stable L gluatmine 100x, 200 mMDatasheet