Freezing medium

Bambanker™ - the gold standard in cell freezing and storage

The Bambanker™ line of freezing media was developed for long-term storage of highly sensitive cell lines, such as primary cells, lymphocytes and ES cells. Its innovative formulation simplifies the freezing process and greatly increases cell viability. With Bambanker™, the viability of cells during freeze/thaw cycles is greatly enhanced, even for fragile cells such as embryonic stem cells.

The figure on the right depicts mouse ES cells before (A) and after (B) freezing with Bambanker standard freezing medium. Note the sharp borders and generally undifferentiated appearance of ES cells after freezing and thawing (B).

Advantages of using Bambanker

  • Simple protocol for all cell types
  • No need for step-wise freezing protocols
  • Higher cell viability
  • Long term storage at -80°C instead of liquid N2

    Bambanker Standard

    With Bambanker™ Standard, all common cell lines can be preserved resulting in a high number of intact cells after thawing. Recovery rates of even sensitive cells is much higher compared to regular media.

    • No dilution and no addition of DMSO or glycerol needed
    • Works with all standard cell lines
    • Significantly higher viability than with standard freezing protocols

    Cell lines tested successfully with Bambanker Standard

    • P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line)
    • K562 (human leukemia cell line)
    • Human gastric epithelial cell line
    • Human γδT cell
    • Daudi (human B cell line)
    • PC12 (rat-derived adrenal pheochromocytoma)
    • Human B cell line
    • OKT4 (mouse hybridoma cell line)
    • Monkey B cell line
    • Mouse ES cell line
    • Activated lymphocyte cell line derived from human peripheral blood
    • Activated lymphocyte cell line derived from mouse spleen
    • Astrocyte cell line dervied from brain tissue of newborn Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus)

    Bambanker Direct

    Bambanker™ Direct is a novel cell freezing medium, which can be added directly to culture medium without centrifuging the collected cells. Cells are frozen and preserved in a deep freezer at -80 °C.

    • Can be directly added to cells in medium
    • No need for centrifugation
    • Especially suited for hybridoma cells and HTP applications

    Bambanker HRM

    Cryopreservation of primate ES and iPS cells is a challenging process with the potential to harm the cells. Standard methods need extensive handling skills and often result in poor cell viability. To address these problems, the new freezing medium Bambanker™ HRM was developed, containing human serum albumin and DMSO for primate ES/iPS cells. Bambanker™ HRM provides efficient cryopreservation and dry ice transportation for primate ES/iPS cells and is xeno-free and chemically defined.

    • Xeno-free freezing medium
    • Made with human serum albumin
    • Designed for primate ES/iPS cells

    Bambanker DMSO-free

    DMSO is added to freezing media in order to avoid formation of ice crystals, which harm the cells. However, DMSO is cytotoxic and reduces the survival rate of sensitive cell lines. Bambanker™ DMSO-free contains no DMSO, yet inhibits the formation of ice crystals, making Bambanker™ DMSO-free especially suitable for cell lines that are sensitive to DMSO.

    • Contains no DMSO
    • Serum-free
    • Designed for especially sensitive cell lines

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