Electroporation cuvettes

High-efficiency nucleic acid delivery

The same quality for a lower price

Electroporation cuvettes efficiently transfer DNA and siRNA into a wide variety of cell types. While the color and shape of the caps may vary from brand to brand, all electroporation cuvettes must meet strict quality standards to ensure consistent pulse delivery and reproducible results. Our cuvettes meet and exceed every measurable qualification and parameter. And since they’re nearly half the price of most other brands, we ask: why pay more for the same quality?

Universal fit

This line of electroporation cuvettes is manufactured with extra care to tight tolerances for optimum performance. Fast delivery and constant attention to quality is assured. These electroporation cuvettes fit in most electroporation systems, including those from Bio-Rad, BTX, Lonza/Amaxa (Nucleofector 2b only), Invitrogen, Eppendorf, and Kodak/IBI.

For a variety of applications

It is well documented that nucleic acid delivery via electroporation can achieve remarkable rates of transfer efficiency and maintain good cell viability, even for a variety of finicky human cell lines. In order to achieve the proper electrical field strength to the cells, these electroporation cuvettes are carefully constructed with burr-free, specially processed electrodes and virgin polycarbonate. This results in cuvettes which provide superior results in the most discriminating applications. These include transforming hereto impossible cell lines like diatoms and Chlamydomonas, as well as transfecting super-sensitive cell lines like immune cells (T Cells and B Cells) and a range of stem cells with DNA plasmids, siRNAs, and even CRISPR/cas9 gene editing tools. Available in three gap widths, 1 mm (max. volume 100µl), 2 mm (max. volume 450µl), and 4 mm (max. volume 850µl), it’s as simple as choosing the correct cuvette size to suit your cells! 

Gap size is important

Because cells vary dramatically in morphology and susceptibility to electrical disruption, the electroporation cuvettes of this line come in a variety of distances between the electrodes. These variations alter the resistance and current, providing weaker electric fields for more susceptible cell lines, such as those derived from humans.

  • For the high-efficiency transformation of E. coli and other bacteria, use 1mm cuvettes
  • For all types of bacteria, yeast, and other fungi, and plant cells, use 2mm cuvettes
  • For animal cell lines, such as insect, mammalian and human cells, use 4mm cuvettes

These electroporation cuvettes are individually wrapped and sterile (clean-room manufactured & assembled).

    Product offering

    12358-345Electroporation cuvettes, 1 mm gap, sterile & individually packaged, 50 pcs50 pcs125.00
    12358-346Electroporation cuvettes, 2 mm gap, sterile & individually packaged, 50 pcs50 pcs125.00
    12358-347Electroporation cuvettes, 4 mm gap, sterile & individually packaged, 50 pcs50 pcs125.00