Disposable hemocytometers

Load, count and toss! These slide-sized chips are compatible with any microscope and make cell counting a snap. More consistent than conventional glass hemocytometers, you'll never need to worry about cleaning, contamination or cracking!

Cell culture chamber - protect your valuable cells

  • Handy transport box fitted with sterile filters to protect your valuable cells
  • Fits petri dishes, 6-96 well plates, and T25 and T75 flasks
  • Protective filter (pore size <0.4┬Ám) maintains sterility when removing flasks from incubator
  • Compatible with petri-dishes and most culture flasks

Product listing

LUN4044-Chip disposable hemocytometer (10 slides per pack, 40 tests)10 slides
CC01FastGene cell culture chamber1 chamber
CC01FReplacement filter for FastGene cell culture chamber1 filter