Cortisol (hydrocortisone) is the primary glucocorticoid produced and secreted by the adrenal cortex. It is often referred to as the “stress hormone”. All but 4% of serum cortisol is bound to proteins such as globulin and serum albumin. Cortisone and cortisol concentrations vary due to the activity of two 11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases which convert the two steroid hormones into one another. In non-human mammals, Corticosterone is the major stress steroid produced.

DetectX® Corticosteroid assay kits

Arbor Assays offers different DetectX® kits for the quantitative detection of the stress and metabolism hormones cortisol, cortisone and corticosterone. Their kits can detect these hormones in as little as 1μl serum or plasma (handout). Arbor Assays' DetectX®  exist as enzyme immunoassay (EIA) or chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA) kits, and can be used for different sample types such as plasma, serum, urine, fecal matter, saliva, and more.

Featured: Corticosterone assay kit


• Measure corticosterone in ≤1 μL mouse tail bleed sample with no extraction necessary
• Validated in blood, urine, saliva, feces, tissue, hair, nails, feathers, respiratory vapor, mucus, media, serum and plasma
• Just 90 minutes to answer
• Stable, liquid reagents
• 200+ citations in more than 40 species

Product offering

K014-H1/ H5Corticosterone EIA kit1x96 well plate/ 5x96 well plates
K014-C1/ C5Corticosterone CLIA kit1x96 well plate/ 5x96 well plates
K003-H1/ H1W/ H5/ H5WCortisol EIA kit1x96 well plate/ 5x96 well plates (strip or whole)
K017-H1/ H5Cortisone EIA kit1x96 well plate/ 5x96 well plates
K017-C1/ C5Cortisone CLIA kit1x96 well plate/ 5x96 well plates