Cytokines and cytokine packages from PeproTech

PeproTech has been manufacturing cytokines and growth factors since 1988. The company manufactures all proteins in-house and also owns a GMP-accredited production facility. Its products include a comprehensive line of cytokines and antibodies, cytokines for cell, gene and tissue therapy, animal-free cytokines, ELISA kits and cell culture media kits & supplements.

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Growth factors and cytokines

These extracellular proteins of human, murine or rat sequence, for the most part, initiate or otherwise affect signaling through cell surface receptors. Products include human, murine and rat interleukins, colony stimulating factors, growth factors, interferons, adipokines, BMP proteins, FGFs, TNFs, soluble receptors, extra cellular binding proteins, non-inhibitory serpins, and other immunoregulatory proteins. For example:

200-02-50UGHuman IL-250 ugE. coli
300-02-100UGHuman interferon-gamma100 ugE. coli
300-25-50UGHuman M-CSF50 ugE. coli
450-04-50UGHuman NT-450 ugE. coli

Animal-free cytokines

PeproTech’s line of animal-free proteins is designed to minimize potential variables associated with the use of animal-derived manufacturing components. The proteins are produced in a dedicated animal-free facility under strict animal-free conditions. The production protocols only include animal-free reagents and chemicals while maintaining identical high biological activity and purity to the corresponding proteins produced using standard techniques. For example:

AF-300-53-50UGAnimal-free human Apo-SAA150 ugE. coli
AF-450-02-50UGAnimal-free human/murine/rat BDNF50 ugE. coli
AF-310-02-50UGAnimal-free human sCD40 ligand50 ugE. coli

Cytokine packages

PeproTech’s Cytokine Packages offer the convenience of purchasing a single package containing select combinations of those cytokines commonly purchased in conjunction with one another based upon shared intended uses. Products listed include human and murine Dendritic Cell Cytokine Packages and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Cytokine Packages. For example:

Cat-No.Cytokine PackageSizeCytokines
MHSC3Murine Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Cytokine Package (IL-3)1 packFLT3, Scf, TPO, IL-3
HDCHuman Dendritic Cell Cytokine Package1 packIL-4, GM-CSF
AF-HHSC6Animal-Free Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion Cytokine Package (IL-6)1 packFlt3, SCF, TPO, IL-6