Base your research on original antibodies you can trust

  • Many big antibody brands add antibodies from other manufacturers and sell them under their own label
  • The consequence? You are buying exactly the same antibody from different brands
  • Avoid this problem and source your antibodies from trusted original manufacturers only
  • We vouch for the manufacturers listed below - we know them personally, have visited their facilities and know that they manufacture all their antibodies themselves

Our original antibody guarantee

  • All antibodies are manufactured in house
  • Full antibody validation for guaranteed applications
  • Orthogonal validation by siRNA knockdown

Proteintech Group

Antibodies validated by siRNA knockdown

  • Every antibody is manufactured by Proteintech in-house
  • Validation: all antibodies have passed Western Blot testing on whole, unmodified cell or tissue lysates
  • siRNA: validation by siRNA knockdown for thousands of antibodies to demonstrate specificity
  • Publications: Proteintech antibodies have been cited in 20,000 publications, which is a strong indicator of their quality
  • Full refund if the antibody doesn't work in the indicated application

Proteintech website

Bethyl Laboratories

"We make every antibody we sell"

  • All antibodies manufactured on-site in Texas
  • Validation: all antibodies are fully validated for their indicated applications
  • Portfolio of > 5000 primary and > 1500 secondary antibodies - all unique

Bethyl offers a full money back guarantee for all antibodies if they don't work in the stated indication.

Bethyl in our shop

Atlas Antibodies

Antibodies for immunohistochemistry

  • All antibodies made in-house
  • Unique purification process using the recombinant PrEST-antigen as the affinity ligand achieves the highest level of reproducibility
  • Each triple A polyclonal antibody has been used for IHC-staining of samples from 708 individuals originating from normal and cancer afflicted human tissues. 
  • Superior versatility across applications including IHC, IF and WB
  • All triple A polyclonals are presented on the Human Protein Atlas portal with extensive IHC characterization data

Atlas Antibodies in our shop

Bio X Cell

Bio X Cell's specialty are antibodies for in vivo research. More info

Check out details on their antibody product lines regarding purity and other quality measurements on our Bio X Cell supplier page.

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