High quality antibodies from trusted suppliers

Base your research on original antibodies you can trust

Many antibody suppliers (including some of the very big brands) grow their antibody portofolio by adding antibodies from other manufacturers and selling them under their own label - a practice called "OEMing in".

This practice results in many antibody suppliers offering exactly the same antibody under different brand names - which in turn makes it difficult for researchers to know when they are buying a unique antibody.

To avoid this, we recommend that you buy your antibodies from trusted original manufacturers who do not OEM in. LubioScience vouches for all the manufacturers listed below - we know them personally, have visited their facilities and know that they manufacture all their antibodies themselves.

Our original antibody guarantee:

  • All antibodies are manufactured in house
  • Full antibody validation for guaranteed applications
  • Orthogonal validation by siRNA knockdown
  • No OEM in of antibodies from other sources

Should you find an antibody from one of the manufacturers below at another supplier under a different brand name, we will refund you and send you a crate of beer for your next lab party!


Reliable products thanks to stringent validation and thorough quality control!

GeneTex guarantees products of highest quality. Their antibodies are tested according to their five pillars of antibody validation:

  • Knockout/Knockdown
  • Comparable antibodies
  • IP/MS analysis
  • Biological and orthogonal characteristics
  • Protein Overexpression

Applications include WB, IP, IHC, IFA, FACS, ELISA & more. GeneTex also offers many antibodies in 25μl packages.

GeneTex in our shop

Bethyl Laboratories

"We make every antibody we sell"

  • All antibodies manufactured on-site in Texas
  • Validation: all antibodies are fully validated for their indicated applications
  • Portfolio of > 5000 primary and > 1500 secondary antibodies - all unique

Bethyl offers a full money back guarantee for all antibodies if they don't work in the stated indication.

Bethyl in our shop

Atlas Antibodies

Antibodies for immunohistochemistry

  • All antibodies made in-house
  • Unique purification process using the recombinant PrEST-antigen as the affinity ligand achieves the highest level of reproducibility
  • Each triple A polyclonal antibody has been used for IHC-staining of samples from 708 individuals originating from normal and cancer afflicted human tissues. 
  • Superior versatility across applications including IHC, IF and WB
  • All triple A polyclonals are presented on the Human Protein Atlas portal with extensive IHC characterization data

Atlas Antibodies in our shop

Bio X Cell

Bio X Cell's specialty are antibodies for in vivo research. More info

Check out details on their antibody product lines regarding purity and other quality measurements on our Bio X Cell supplier page.